Minecraft AutoMap is the definitive navigation tool for Minecraft. Never get lost again!

Current Features

  • Beautifully rendered real-time map of your current surroundings with built-in support for Minecraft texture packs!
  • Static world map everywhere else that updates itself automatically. (In singleplayer, a full-world map is generated for you.)
  • Right click the map and the window border goes away and the map stays on top of other windows, making it perfect to use as a minimap on top of your Minecraft window. If you prefer, you can instead maximize the map on another screen for more visible area.
  • Automatically detects when you enter a building or a cave, and adjusts the view accordingly.
  • Mineral detection (shows deposits of all the ores, including diamonds, on the real-time map).
  • Marks blocks that you walk on so you can find your way back out of the caves! (if toggled in options)
  • You can add colored waypoints to Automap for better organization and to help you remember points of interest.
  • AutoMap shows NPCs, both hostile monsters and passive animals, LIVE on the map.
  • Items appear on the map - everything from saplings to flying arrows.
  • If a Creeper comes close to you, Automap will play a short but distinctive rattling sound (optional)
  • See your current position and the direction you are facing!
  • Up is north, or if you prefer, the map can automatically and smoothly rotate to match your heading.
  • See other nearby players on the map when you are in SMP (serverside support for a full player list coming in a later version).
  • The mod/map is entirely clientside, meaning you can use it in singleplayer or on any SMP server, regardless of what mods it has.
  • Show/Hide lava and water
  • Highly customizable - almost everything is optional and configurable.
  • Click-to-Teleport
  • Click-to-Explode
We are not affiliated in any way with Minecraft, Mojang Specifications, or Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch). We are simply great fans of Minecraft. For more information about Minecraft, please visit http://minecraft.net/.