Minecraft Map (Java Client)

Current MM Versions

Java Client Bukkit Plugin (Server)
0.3.2 0.4.3

See Changelog for more information.


Minecraft Map (MM) is an Java program capable of displaying your position in a Minecraft SMP world, along with the positions of everyone else on the server! Top-down map images can be loaded and calibrated to greatly enhance the experience.

MM only functions with servers which have installed the MMPlugin server plugin.


Download it here.


  • Real-time updating player names, locations, and elevations.
  • Written in Java for compatibility with any machine that will run Minecraft.
  • Turn the radar into an actual map! Any overhead-view map with north at the top can be scaled if necessary, imported, and have its position calibrated.
  • Serverside password protection to restrict access to only those who know the password.
  • Two administration groups for password protected servers: Admins (can change the password from ingame) and Superadmins (can also modify the admin and superadmin group members from ingame). These groups do not affect any mod except MM.
There used to be a lot of planned features, such as labels, waypoints, label sharing, etc. These may still be implemented, but my focus has changed to the AutoMap for now. At the very least, I intend to make MM compatible with singleplayer as well as SMP.

Known Issues

I am told it does not work on OSX. I have no Mac. Any information regarding a previous version of Minecraft Map that did work on OSX would be very useful. Also, source code is available, so if you can figure anything out, let me know! :)

If you are using the Hey0 plugin and you have spaces in your path to the server, the MM client may get a MalformedURLException when trying to connect.

Installation Instructions

Bukkit Plugin Installation (For server operators):

Simply download the Bukkit plugin from here and place MMPlugin.jar inside Bukkit's 'plugins' folder. Start your server, and the mod should be running!

How to use the MM client:

Download the .zip file from here and extract the contents to a directory of your choice. Open either MinecraftMinimap.jar or Run.bat. If neither works, you are lucky to be able to play Minecraft, because your Java isn't installed correctly.

You are presented with this window, if all goes well:

Click File > Connect to a server


Enter the address of your SMP server, not including the port number (do not include this part: ":xxxx").

Click connect. This may take a moment. A message box will pop up announcing the outcome of the connect operation.

If all goes well, the connection window will close and you will being receiving radar data. Enjoy!


All I see is this black screen with names and dots on it! (Map Overlay Instructions)

Go to File > Load map overlay. Navigate to a world map image file. The image should be top-down (not angled), north should be north, and each block should occupy exactly ONE pixel. This is what you get if you run Cartograph on normal settings and rotate the finished map 90 degrees clockwise. If you are playing on a server with MM installed, hopefully the owner is providing a map in this format on a regular basis!

This map will automatically load the next time you run the client application. If you mess up and it crashes, you can modify or delete the configuration file (mmClientCfg.txt) to recover.

Upon loading the map and connecting to an SMP server, you will notice that the map is positioned incorrectly. Sorry, this cannot be positioned automatically at this time; you will have to do it:

- Go to File > Calibrate Map Overlay.
- Drag MM, the Calibrate Map Overlay box, and your Minecraft game into positions where you can see them all at once.
- In Minecraft, position yourself in the center of a block you can identify on the map you have loaded.
- In the Calibrate Map Overlay box, enter negative numbers into the two offset fields. Make sure you press enter to commit the value or nothing will happen - I am trying to find a better way but I don't really understand Java GUI code yet. You should see the map move to the left and up by however many pixels you entered into the boxes. Keep adjusting the offsets until the map shows you on the exact block which you are actually on. Don't worry, these values will be saved in the configuration and should be automatically loaded next time.


0.3.2 MM Java client.
  • Added redAlertSpeed and orangeAlertSpeed settings to the settings file.
  • Players moving faster than one of these alert speeds will have their names turn that color on the map.
  • If the value of redAlertSpeed is lower than orangeAlertSpeed, then names will never turn orange as a result of traveling over orangeAlertSpeed.
0.3.1 MM Java client.
  • Changed default player name color from red to white to accomodate the new speedometer.
  • Added optional speedometer which displays each player's speed as a percentage of normal running speed. If a player's speed goes above 100% (happens a lot due to server lag), the player's name is drawn in orange. If the speed goes above 140% (much less common, at least when I tested), the name is drawn in red. If you do not like the speedometer, you can turn it off by opening the settings file and changing the line "bCalculateSpeed=true" to "bCalculateSpeed=false". The speedometer ignores vertical distance traveled.
  • Note: Boats, minecarts, explosions, liquids, face-sand from the nether, etc, will not affect the "normal running speed" used when calculating speed. The speed shown by the speedometer is relative to normal running speed as I measured it on a local server.
  • Note: The speedometer currently only works accurately with the default player list update frequency.
  • Note: Since player speed is calculated only by the map client, internet lag and jitter may have adverse effects on the reported speed of players.
  • Added updateFrequency option to the settings file. This option specifies the number of ms between player list updates. (lower values = higher bandwidth). If you enter a value lower than 200ms, it is automatically increased to 200ms. You may enter any integer value higher than 200ms if you would like the map to update more slowly.
0.4.2 Bukkit plugin.
  • Updated to work with a recent dev snapshot from this morning (January 22, 2011).
  • This working bukkit build is included inside the source code zip.
0.4.1 Bukkit plugin.
  • Updated to work with a recent dev snapshot. (this build of Bukkit is included in the source code zip)
  • The /maphide command is fully implemented. No player whos name matches a name on the hidden players list will have their information sent to the map client in player list updates.
    • Available to admins and superadmins only (as specified in mmCfg.txt)
    • Command syntax is exactly like the other player list commands, /mapadmin, /mapsuperadmin, and /mapvip
    • /maphide : simply lists the players on the hidden players list
    • /maphide name : adds the specified name to the hidden players list
    • /maphide - name : removes the specified name from the hidden players list
0.4.0 Bukkit plugin.
  • hMod has been discontinued, so I have rewritten the mod to work with Bukkit's plugin system instead.
  • This release has the skeleton of the /maphide admin command. There is not yet any actual functionality associated with the command.
0.3.2 hMod plugin update
  • Config file now has helpful explanations of each value.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing default configuration values to replace legitimate but empty values.
  • Added 'host' to the configuration again. This only affects you if you want to limit which network interfaces the server listens on.
  • Tweaked the /map and /mapversion commands to be a little more useful.
0.3.1 - hMod plugin update
  • Hey0 (hMod) plugin has been updated to be Halloween update compatible.
  • No longer accesses any of Notch's classes directly, so it should be more update-proof.
  • The client remains at version 0.3.0, so no fix for Macs :(
0.3.0 - Hey0 plugin and client update. Version 0.3.0 is not compatible with previous versions. Both the client and server will need to be updated.
  • Name size no longer changes with zoom.
  • Position marker enlarged and now shows the direction the player is facing, all without reducing accuracy.
  • Player positions update faster.
  • Hey0's Server Mod is now required. The standalone SMP mod version has been discontinued.
  • The next patch to AutoMap will allow it to receive player locations from servers with the MM SMP mod version 0.3.0 or higher.
0.2.7 Hey0 plugin and client update.
This is the last client update that will be compatible with the existing standalone server mod. All future updates will be for the Hey0's server mod plugin only.
Updated for Hey0's server mod build 121.
The map no longer flickers in the new version of the client.
You can now right click the client to remove the border and make the client stick on top.
If you right click the client when the window is maximized, the map should completely fill the screen (fullscreen).

0.2.6 Hey0 plugin only.
/mapversion now lets you know if it is the Hey0 plugin.

0.2.5 Client only.
Reduced flickering frequency considerably and changed the background to black to make it less annoying!
You can now shrink very large map images manually in Photoshop, GIMP, or whatever, and make them work correctly in the MM client.

Here is the procedure: Copy the original map image and shrink it to a size that MM can easily load. Be sure to preserve the original aspect ratio! Divide the original width by the new width and enter the result into the mmClientCfg.txt file. So if you took a 10,000 pixel wide map and shrunk it to 2,500 pixels wide, the config file should read: overlayScale=4.0
^^^ This value is also the number of blocks represented by the width of one pixel on the map.

I tried to make it load and use any size map file - I really did, but it fails even before the image has been loaded from the filesystem. My attempts to reduce memory usage by drawing a subsection of the map image when possible were also unsuccessful. Sorry guys!

0.2.4 Hey0 plugin and Client.
Updated to match new Hey0 plugin architecture.
Updated client to accept slightly modified data stream from MM server newer than 0.2.3.
Turned off the annoying log entries that occurred every single time the client updates the map.

0.2.3 Server-side-only update. Client remains at 0.2.2.
- Added full support for Hey0's Mod by creating a plugin for his mod. This is now the easiest way to install the MM server.
- Added comma separated lists in the mmCfg.txt file to allow the server owner to specify usernames of "admins" and "superadmins."
- Admins can ask the server for the password and change the MM access password ingame. Changing the password will immediately boot everyone using the map because their password will no longer be valid.
- Superadmins can add names to the admins and superadmins lists, as well as get/set the MM password.
- You will need to specify the first superadmin by entering your own user name (exactly, capitalization matters) in mmCfg.txt. If your mmCfg.txt does not exist or does not have a superadmins field, start and stop your SMP server and it will be updated. Note: The mmCfg.txt file is loaded only when the server starts, but it is saved whenever an admin or superadmin changes a setting.

0.2.2 Client, Server, and Llamacraft Compatibility patch
Added optional password authentication. You can set an MM server password in the mmCfg.txt configuration file (restart the server after saving the file).
Fixed the default font size to be 16 instead of 0 (whoopsie)
Increased cap on zoom distance.

0.2.1 Client only
Added configuration file (persistent settings!). File is written when the client application closes.
Added configuration settings for player text color, player position dot color, player font size, and background color.
Added map overlay support. Works beautifully with a normal cartograph map rotated 90 degrees to the right (so that north is up). See Map Overlay Instructions for more information.

0.1.1 Client, Server, and Llamacraft Compatibility patch
Initial release

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